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Phone orders welcome

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Go anywhere HF antenna       OUT OF STOCK

Maxi-J is a end-fed halfwave antenna that works great as a hanging vertical or sloper.

Whether portable or in the back yard. wherever and whenever a quickly installed antenna is needed, Maxi-J may be your ticket to ham operating fun. Maxi rolls up and stows easily. Then when it's time for action, you slip him out an upstairs window or drape him vertical or sloping from whatever supports are available, and you're on the air in a flash.
Maxi needs no more than a single support. He's complete and ready to go. And you can fine tune him on the spot with his own trade-marked "green patch" tuning slider, letting you compensate for differences between sites, configurations, and heights, and achieve a minimum SWR anywhere in the band.
    For emergency communication, for picnics, for vacations, for long boring evenings when you're stuck in a motel on the road, Maxi is the go-anywhere-now antenna, Hang him however you can, and get on the air. If you have options, hang him in the fashion that puts your signal where you most want it to go.
    Then, when you're ready to move on, Maxi just rolls up from the bottom and laces into secure, Frisbee-sized wheel that feels just right in the hand.
    And there's More... There's a little bonus. If you have an antenna tuner, you can even get Maxi to play for you at the next higher and lower amateur bands, and the radiation patterns will be the same.

Models:              Radiator Length:

MaxiJ 10M antenna 16' $39.00us  

MaxiJ 12M antenna  18' $41.00us  

MaxiJ 15M antenna  22' $42.00us

MaxiJ 17M antenna  25' $47.00us  

MaxiJ 20M antenna  32' $49.00us  

MaxiJ 30M antenna  45' $59.00us  

MaxiJ 40M antenna  63' $69.00us


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