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TechNotes pull together in one place all the information needed to carry out a successful project, including source lists to simplify the search for appropriate materials. TechNotes tell the what and why, show how to obtain results, and are updated whenever new data becomes available.   $5.95 Each

HalfSquare Wire Beams for HF DX. TN122 32 page. Backyard, 'Invisible' Low Angle Radiators! A derivative of the vintage Bobtail Curtain and inverted ground plane; just try 'em! 32 pages. $5.95US  Stock # TN122


Helitrix™ Antennas for Portable and small space use. TN123 28 Page. Use Slinkies™ to make Super Radiators! Shows how child's toy works out to be a great way to build compact antennas, ones that actually work! 28 pages.  $5.95US   Stock # TN123


G5RV Antennas Construction and installation  secrets of this popular but very understood antenna. You too can build them as well Lou Varney, G5RV, does; and with   out the frustration! 30 pages $5.95US Stock # TN124


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