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WindomHSQ™     The Wire Beam. You only need one Antenna - NO TUNER REQUIRED

Insulated  Wire so you can hang it in trees

Fully weather sealed

Needs no tuner - Ideal for QRP

Very stealthy

2KW rated  Half-square design two legs hanging down on each end 80-10 M 66 ft across the top and 32 feet hanging down, and the 40-10 M 33 ft across and 16 ft hanging down on each end

Low angel of radiation rivals Yagi beams

A new antenna concept-- simple, small, yet highly effective. WindomHSQ™ is an off-center-fed bent wire. The bending produces a compact antenna, longhop radiation angles, and multi-directionality. The off-center feed gives low SWRs on nearly every band.

     If you only have room for one HF antenna, consider WindomHSQ™ seriously. It requires no tower or rotator. It favors long hops on all bands and in all directions. It takes only a 66' span, is easy to install, and generally needs no tuner adjustment when you change frequency within or between bands.

    No-Tune Design. To multi-band the WindomHSQ™ we apply energy to the antenna off center at a unique spot where the impedance is the same on many bands. Our broadband devices inserted at that point allow the antenna to be fed with 50 ohm coaxial cable. It provides no- tune coverage of the 80, 40, 20, 17, 12, & 10 meter amateur radio bands. VSWRs on the covered bands are typically well under 2:1, easily within the range of solid state transceivers designed for 50 ohm loads. You can work all the others with an appropriate antenna tuner. Equally important, WindomHSQ off-center feed gives double the bandwidth of a standard dipole.

     Construction. The 80-10 WindomHSQ has a 66 ft feet flat top with 33 ft tails. It is made of 14Ga 41 strand Black Quietflex™ antenna wire, factory assembled, weather sealed, and pre-tuned for best multi-band performance. When you get it, attach your feedline, hang it up, and it's ready to go.

    Installation. Install WindomHSQ at a height of 35 ft or greater with the center section as horizontal as practical.  Support it with nonconductive double dacron line. Let the tails hang free. Take advantage of trees as supports by using the QuickLaunch Antenna Installation System. Limit tension at antenna ends to 60 pounds.

hsqpattern.JPG (108053 bytes)    Look at these radiation patterns for representative bands. Notice that low angle radiation below 20 degrees is strong on all bands above 80 meters. That's the reason there is such good long-hop performance. Notice also that there are no deep nulls RF goes every direction. That means antenna orientation is not critical--No matter what direction it runs, you will still be able to work long hop signals in all directions.



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