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QuietFlex™      DISCONTINUED

qf.JPG (24719 bytes) The QuietFlex Difference:
Take a look at any antenna from Antennas & More, and you'll see immediately that it's something different. The reason is more than likely the custom made QuietFlex wire it's made of. And the QuietFlex difference doesn't stop with appearances. Take it between your fingers and twist it. Just try to make it take a kink. It won't. Run your fingers along its slippery exterior. Snow and ice slip off before they can load it down . Press your nail into it. Acid rain and the invisible pollution that corrode the surface of ordinary antenna wire cannot penetrate the tough cover that protects your antenna. This insulation stays tough in high heat and remains flexible even in below zero temperatures. And it holds up year after year, refusing to crack or harden under the bombardment of ultraviolet rays.

The insulation is good and heavy. Just think what that means in terms of protection if ever an accident occurred, particularly when an emergency may require deployment in unfamiliar locations with inadequate visibility.

And there's more to that insulation than safety. It means a quiet antenna without the charged particle static that drowns out weak signals on beams, verticals, and ordinary dipoles when the wind blows dust, smoke, rain, or snow.

QuietFlex's insulation is also a vital guarantee of continued good signal reception. Most people don't realize it but the corrosion that builds up on ordinary bare stranded antenna wire acts like seven hundred feet of tiny semiconductors. When wind sways the antenna, the strands rub together. The rubbing generates noise. Noise generation starts before you can see the buildup of corrosion--within only a few weeks of initial installation. And the noise increases relentlessly over the months. There is no corrosion noise problem with a QuietFlex antenna. An antenna made with QuietFlex wire starts out a quiet antenna and stays a quiet antenna over the years.

In addition to safety, kink resistance, and noise reduction, QuietFlex wire is created to be strong yet at the same time, not to spring, snap back, coil up, kink, stick you in the eye, or snarl as you work with it. Unlike the cheap antenna wire you usually see, QuietFlex has more than 41 strands tightly twisted together under its flexible insulation. That's why it can be both strong and flexible.

The more antennas you have put up, the more you will appreciate what QuietFlex kinkproof wire means in terms of speed, convenience, and long life. QuietFlex is another reason why, whether they are hanging in the air or stored waiting to serve you in an instant.

QuitFex 14 GA 150 ft  41Strand tinned copper

  In-Line 1:1 Feedline Baluns  DISCONTINUED

Ib2.jpg (31879 bytes)Antennas & More In-Line 1:1 Baluns preserve antenna and feedline current balance. They are based on the classic Maxell current balun design.

Many wire-wound 1:1 balun, whether they be ‘current’ or ‘voltage’ type, are inefficient due to miscellaneous losses, magnetic leakage, and less than optimum inter-winding coupling. Typically they have low mis-match limits when operating away from strict resonance, their actual balun action is impaired, maximum power rating is reduced, and core saturation results in nasty phenomena. The latter are particularly troublesome in toroidal, rather than rod-style units. Further, they break up the feedline and introduce impedance discontinuities and losses in the compression connections and additional connectors required. Antennas & More In-Line Baluns are made with unbroken lengths of coaxial feedline surrounded by encapsulated ferrite beads. By building the baluns right into the unbroken feedline we offer you durable lightweight and efficient 1:1 feedline isolation. These baluns are ideal for Yagi as well as dipoles. They include top quality silver Teflon PL259 connectors at each end.

The 1 KW Feedline Baluns for 2-30 MHz is made with low-loss light-weight 95% braid foam dielectric RG-8X (mini) coaxial cable, silver-Teflon connectors.

Antenna Tape Build dipoles, Windoms, G5RVs, Half Squares and Yagis on walls, door, floors, windows, and ceilings and then just paint it over for aesthetic or security reasons. This �" wide, adhesive copper tape is the equivalent of a #10 wire! 100 foot roll.

Antenna Tape  $10.00US    

300 ohm Invisible Twinlead Two thin conductors bonded to transparent sticky tape. Sticks to walls, floors and slips unseen through doorways. Use for feedlines and antennas up to 150 Watts. 100 feet roll.

300 Ohm Invisible Twinlead  $10.00US    
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